Paulinho Garcia latest CD

Paulinho's 5th solo recording.

new how do you keep the music playing

  01. How do you keep the music playing? - Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Michel Jean Legrand
  02. As rosas não falam - Angenor Cartola
  03. Cintura fina - Paulinho Garcia
  04. I’ll be calling for Maria - Paulinho Garcia
  05. Adeus meus sonhos / Adiós mis sueños - Paulinho Garcia
  06. Bolero de satã - Guinga / Paulo Cesar Pinheiro
  07. Palpite infeliz - Noel Rosa
  08. Feitiço da vila - Noel Rosa
  09. Canto de Ossanha - Baden Powell, Vinicius De Moraes
  10. Obsesión - Pedro Flores
  11. Tristeza/A voz do morro - Nilton de Souza- Haroldo Lobo / Zé Keti
12. Embraceable you - George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
13. Take five - Paul Desmond / Iola and Dave Brubeck
14. There’ll never be another you - Harry Warren, Mack Gordon
15. You are my greatest friend - Paulinho Garcia


This recording has been released in Japan by Muzak Co.

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Paulinho Garcia & Friends

AQUARELA featuring Paulinho Garcia and friends, is a beautiful collection of traditional children's songs and a fun and effective way for your family to learn and practice Brazilian Portuguese. And don't worry if you don't know Brazilian Portuguese - the album comes with a song book with full English translations you and your children can sing along to.

new aquarela 220 s  01. Os escravos de Jó
  02. A-E-I-O-U
  03. O pato
  04. Luar do sertão - Azulão
  05. O trenzinho do Caipira
  06. Touradas de Madri
  07. Se essa rua fosse minha
  08. Aquarela
  09. Sapo Jururu
  10. Roda pião
  11. Ciranda cirandinha
  12. Meu limão, meu limoeiro
13. João e Maria
14. O cravo brigou com a rosa - Terezinha de Jesus
15. Acalanto - Boi da cara preta
16. Luar do sertão (bonus track) 

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Paulinho best seller recording

(Shrinktunes Media-Jazzmin Records-2014)

Released on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2014.

new beautiful love s  01. eu sei que vou te amar  
  02. when I fall in love
  03. like someone in love
  04. beautiful love
  05. if you could see me know
  06. with every breath I take
  07. boulevard of broken dreams
  08. história de un amor
  09. i wonder who's kissing her now
  10. bluesette
  11. That old feeling
  12. do you remember me?
13. but beautiful
14. where is love
15. casinha pequenina



This recording has been released in Japan by Muzak Co.

For the Japanes market the CD can be purchased directly from Muzak using the link below.

Publicity: Braithwaite and Katz Communications

Chicago's Undiscovered Brazilian Gem, Vocalist/Guitarist Paulinho Garcia, Infuses American Songbook Standards With Bossa Nova Soul On His New Solo Album Beautiful Love 

"...a Chicago treasure..." — Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Paulinho Garcia Solo

(Jazzmin Records-2011)

new portrait in black and white 220 s  01. Lobo Bobo
  02. Carinhoso
  03. Take Five
  04. A Felicidade
  05. Retrato em Branco e Preto (Portrait in Black and White)
  06. A Rã
  07. My Foolish Heart
  08. Lapinha
  09. Bridges
  10. Adiós Mi Sueño
  11. Corcovado
12. A Night in Tunisia
13. Lamentos
14. My Very Life
15. Você ja foi à Bahia?

Sorry, this item is out of print. Individual songs download will be available soon. 

By Javier Aq Ortiz
Paulinho Garcia: Portrait in Black and White Paulinho Garcia milks much from sheer simplicity. The liner notes state that he recorded Portrait in Black and White "as if I was in my own living room." Garcia succeeded. Accompanied by his Spanish guitar, this release is characterized by its overall openheartedness and cool intimacy.

Paulinho Garcia and friends

Grammy contender CD of Paulinho's original music

(Chicago Sessions-2009)

new my very life 220 s

  01. Cintura Fina
  02. Ponto De Encontro
  03. Chorinho Novo
  04. I'll Be Calling For Maria (No Matter What)
  05. Do You Remember Me?
  06. Chorinho Da Paula
  07. E Quando...
  08. Adiós Mi Sueño
  09. Chorinho Do Paulinho
  10. My Very Life
  11. Disfrutando A Boa Vida

 Sorry, this item is out of print. Individual songs download will be available soon.

By Javier Aq Ortiz
Paulinho Garcia: My Very LifeMy Very Life, by Paulinho Garcia, is a release from Chicago Sessions—a subscription label service "featuring the best Chicago jazz artists." Many years ago Garcia realized that it pays to be a toucan in a land of penguins and he has been leaving his mark in the Windy City—and beyond—ever since.

Paulinho Garcia Solo

(Jazzmin Records-2006)

new tempo feliz 220 s  01-Aos pés da cruz
  02-If you could see me now
  05-E quando....
  07-Duas horas da manhã
  08-Brigas nunca mais
  09-Do you remember me?
  11-Samba de uma nota só
  12-What'll I do?
13-Upa neguinho
14-Eu sei que vou te amar
15-Tempo feliz



By Neil Tesser

"Alone with his guitar, his voice conjures a romantic figure balancing serenity and saudade (the Brazilian word for "that happy sadness" which has no easy equivalency in English) – a soundtrack for the famous Picasso portrait "The Old Guitarist." And working with a broad range of Chicago musicians – reflecting relationships forged over 30 years in America – Paulinho's voice becomes the sunlit jewel at the center of the various small ensembles heard here...