Beatles music in Paulinho's Brazilian and Latin style

Grazyna Auguscik and Paulinho Garcia

GMA records 2012

beatles nova 500 200 



















01. When I'm Sixty Four
02. Things We Said Today
03. Because
04. Norwegian Wood
05. Hey Jude
06. We Can Worked It Out
07. Blackbird
08. I Will
09. Two Of Us
10. Hello Goodbye
11. Nowhere Man
12. In My Life
13. Here Comes The Sun
14. Hard Day's Night

This recording has been released in Japan by Muzak Co.

For the Japanese market the CD can be purchased directly from Muzak using the link below.

By Howard Reich

So many artists have covered Beatles tunes in so many ways that one might wonder why anyone would bother anymore. What possibly could there be left to say in this music?