Paulinho's 3rd Solo recording

Jazzmin Records-2011

portrait in black and white 500 200 



















01. Lobo Bobo
02. Carinhoso
03. Take Five
04. A Felicidade
05. Retrato em Branco e Preto (Portrait in Black and White)
06. A Rã
07. My Foolish Heart
08. Lapinha
09. Bridges
10. Adiós Mi Sueño
11. Corcovado
12. A Night in Tunisia
13. Lamentos
14. My Very Life
15. Você ja foi à Bahia?

Sorry, this item is out of print. Individual songs download will be available soon. 

By Javier Aq Ortiz
Paulinho Garcia: Portrait in Black and White Paulinho Garcia milks much from sheer simplicity. The liner notes state that he recorded Portrait in Black and White "as if I was in my own living room." Garcia succeeded. Accompanied by his Spanish guitar, this release is characterized by its overall openheartedness and cool intimacy.